Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Paintings / Graphite Drawings

What inspires you/what do you paint about?

My personal work is inspired by my faith.

What materials do you use?

I use regular drawing pencils (HB, B) and oil paint. I draw on archival paper, and I paint on canvas or wood panel. 

Do you ever teach or speak?

Yes I enjoy both when I have the time to do them. Email me for inquiries. 

How long does a painting typically take?

Anywhere from 8-12 weeks after the sketch of the painting has been approved.

What is the process for having a portrait created?

It’s simple! You and the Artist discuss what you would like created, a photograph (s) is submitted, a sketch is then rendered, you approve the sketch , painting begins, then you receive your treasured artwork.

Can a painting/drawing/sketch be created from a photograph?

Yes.  You can submit a clear photograph or arrangements can be made to have the Artist take the photographs.

Can I have a portrait created of a deceased loved one or pet?

Yes. This is a very common request.

What if I want a background included that is not in the picture that I select?

No problem. The Artist can create and incorporate any background elements you would like in your portrait.